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Welcome to Edible Korean Teacher

Who is "Edible Korean Teacher" ??

- Nathaniel (Nate) is a Korean teacher with 10+ years of experience. He has taught many students from different Korean levels, age and background. 

What levels does he teach ??

- All levels from beginning level to advanced level. 

What does he focus on ??

- He focuses on practical and day-to-day Korean which Korean learners can actually use. So his curriculum and lesson plans have many exercises on making sentenes, learning grammar and having a conversation. 

What other benefits would Korean learners get ??

- He maintains the good/casual relationship with his students all the time, so it is more like a friend relationship, rather than teacher-student relationship. His students and he always text each other, not only to talk about Korean, but also to talk about many personal things too. So by studying with Nate, you are making a good friend who will help your Korean journey for a long time.